【VolTra Local Guided Tour】
Programme Introduction

VolTra has been working with our local tour partner to organize "HONG KONG 101 - The Essential HK Stories", hoping to put forward new perspectives for local people to understand our home more.

As a Hongkonger, how much do you know about this place? Let's start with a series of local tours and weave our cultural fabric together!
  • Religious Diversity:
    we will v
    isit several places of worship that might not be familiar to people - they deserve better understanding from Hong Kong people!
  • Cultural Diversity:
    Our visit to the gathering places of HK ethnic minorities allows us to explore this city from their unique perspectives!
  • Disappearing Victoria City:
    We will visit a number of disappearing trades and the last masters of HK’s home-grown industries - hear their stories before they are lost forever!

An Overview of our tours

Religious Diversity

Hong Kong is unquestionably a diverse city. While the people have benefited from the city’s cultural diversity in all aspects of living, it might be nevertheless surprising that this place is just religiously as diverse. In a study by the Pew Research Center in 2014, Hong Kong ranks top 10 for the most religiously diverse territories in the world.

In this walk, we will visit three different places of worship:
Ammar Mosque, The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints and Sikh Temple - each of them has been engaging and contributing to the diverse culture of Hong Kong and deserves a better understanding from the people.

Cultural Diversity

Hong Kong is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Asia, with a vibrant and unique history of immigration. In the ten years leading to 2016, the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong had grown by 60%. However, how much do Hongkongers understand about their ethnic minority counterparts?

By visiting Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre, Chungking Mansions and Christian Action, we will bring participants to sneak a peek at 
how Hong Kong society benefits from cultural diversity with people from different origins and what we should do to protect this value of Hong Kong.

Disappearing Victoria City

Hong Kong had been colonized so its history and cultures are complicated. In fact, a lot of small companies specialise in traditional trades and are closely linked to the local history of colonization. Yet, times are changing and many of these businesses anticipate closure. As these elements of its heritage disappear, Hong Kong edges ever closer to becoming another generic global city.

In this walk, we will visit a number of these disappearing trades. With the end in sight, we
learn about their ways of life and examine our identity as a Hongkonger.

Past Participants' Feedback

This tour introduces much basic knowledge of several uncommon religions in HK. For instance, I now know that Jesus Christ in Christian is a prophet in Islam. Different religions reflect various worldviews; together they constitute an interesting world! 
I'm a Christian, but I enjoyed this tour a lot! Even though I don't share the same beliefs and worship practices with the followers of those religions, we share the same goal - planting the seed of kindness in people's hearts!
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It is my first time getting in touch with refugees, and I've got to realize the hardships in their life. I really hope that the government could improve the refugee policies and better their quality of life. 
I found that Chungking Mansions are not as dangerous as I thought before! The ethnic minorities were very nice and friendly to us. I felt welcomed, which encouraged me to keep understanding their cultures in the future. 
By visiting several local declining industries, I learned more about HK's history and the city's economic development. My favourite part was chitchatting with the boss of Mei Wah Fashion – the last master of Shanghai QiPao in HK. 
I'm glad that I joined the tour! Somehow I felt like I went back to the 80s and connected with my grandparents in a special and indescribable way.
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The idea of Hong Kong Free Tours is to connect you with the locals and visit our home from the local perspective. Our walking tours are about what we care as a Hong Konger, instead of herding you through attractions.

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