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Virtual Cultural Exchange Programme

29 Dec 2022 - 7 Jan 2023

Apply NOW to  redeem the limited FREE quota for University students
 Programme Fee: USD 800)

Deadline:30 November, 2022
Few Quotas left!Join us Now before it's full!

Programme Highlight

Make Friends 
with international students from more than 10 countris

Gain inspiration from others by joining the online Mission Challenge interact with others

Response to the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in different countries

Promote the awareness of inclusion, equality and diversity in University community

Programme Timeline

Breifing Session (15 Dec, Thur)

We will let you know about the programme timeline, elements, and tips for enjoying this virtual journey! 
📅 Date:15 Dec 2022 (Thur)
⏰ Time:15:00-16:00 (HK Time, GMT+8)
💡 Venue:Zoom Meeting
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Intercultural Kick-Off Session (29 Dec, Thur)

Chance to meet international fellows from different part of the world, get to know more about each other and get ready for virtual adventure! 
📅  Date:29 Dec 2022 (Thur)
⏰  Time:15:00-17:00 (HK Time, GMT+8)
💡  Venue:Zoom Meeting

Online Mission Challenge (29 Dec - 7 Jan)

Enjoy yourself in the missions challenge that could open your global horizons, gain more insights from peer learning, and know more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 
📅  Date:29 Dec 2022 (Thur) - 7 Jan 2023 (Sat)
⏰  Time:Select any Free time to do the Mission
💡  Venue:Online Mission App - Goodmates
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World Café for Change (6 Jan, Fri)

Share our takeaways about SDGs and celebrate the co-impact on the community throughout the Mission Challenge 
📅  Date:6 Jan 2023 (Fri)
⏰  Time:15:00-17:00 (HK Time, GMT+8)
💡  Venue:Zoom Meeting

An virtual exchange prgrogramme for you to make friends with University students from different countries  ! 

Previous participants feedback

Kimteang Ung

It was such a great journey then we went through together from different countries. ​This couldn’t be this fun without group task, without my team-mates. I am so grateful for being able to be a part of this journey.”

Keika Kosukegawa

I was inspired by all the people I met in this programme. My dream is to work globally in an harmony environment with various ethnics. ​​It was so inspiring to have many people from all around the world involved in this project. 

Frequently asked questions

1/   Do I need any qualifications to participate ?

You only need to be:
  • Currently studying in University Programme/ Tertiary Institution
  • Able to communicate in English (written and verbal)
  • Able to participate in the events of the programme
  • Equipped with smartphone, laptop or electronic devices that can access the internet

It’s ok if you do not have prior experience of joining similar programme/ do not have foreign friends for forming the group yet. 
(We would help you to meet new friends to form an international group)!

2/  Will this programme be potentially affected by the pandemic ?

The majority of the programme is accessible using online platforms, such as mission challenge, bootcamp and kick-off session. You can connect with people from all around the world no matter where you are!

3/  Do I need to form a group to participate?

We will help you to form a group of 5-6 with diverse backgrounds. Each group will include at least 2-3 Hong Kong students and 2-3 overseas. 
VolTra will provide groups invitation for successful enrolled participants through email.
Please check your email (include Junk and Spam box) to receive the most updated programme informations.

4/  How to collaborate with groupmates from different time-zones? 

You can explore an effective communication method among your group.
It could be: A group chat-room in messaging app, mutual-agreed time of Zoom meeting, breakdown of small teams with near-by countries or other feasible ways you could think of.

5/ What happens if I am suddenly unavailable to join one of the event? 

The mission challenges allow the freedom for participants to choose their own schedule and process to complete the activities. It’s not necessary to complete all the missions, but we encourage you to try your best to do as much as you can.

6/  How can I redeem the certificate after complete the programme?

You need to complete following:
  • Attend the Intercultural Kick-off SessionWorld Café for Change; and
  • Complete 80% of group mission challenges; and 50% of individual mission challenges are attained

7/  Other enquiries about the programme?

If you want to subscribe to latest update about the programme/ have any enquiries, you may Whatsapp us via the following link: wa.me/+85255968571
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