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Connect the world

with our Mission Challenge Programme 

VolTra is dedicated to cultivating a voluntary culture fueled with passion. We encourage participants to connect with the world even under pandemic. More than 5,000 people is now using our platform to explore the world! Join us in this inspiring journey with VolTra!  

Innovative, Safe and Engaging

We offer a hybrid programme model for people in different countries
to explore the world in an innovative, safe and engaging way!

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Explore the culture around the world

Make Friends with overseas people

Response to the Sustainable Development Goals 

Accumulated Impact

Participants from over


Accumulated more than


Achieved over


Social projects served


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Feedback from Previous Participants

“ I was inspired by all the people I met in this programme.  It was so inspiring to have many people from all around the world involved in this project. Their passion always motivated me. ”

(Keika Kosukegawa, Japan)

“ It’s the best virtual workcamp that I have ever heard of. This program make me made many new friends from different country, even if we’re all living in different time zone. It was such a great journey .”

(Kimteang Ung, Cambodia)

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Join us in this inspiring
Mission Challenge Programme

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