VolTra International Community

Join us to build a community with friends from all around the world, explore unimaginable culture of other countries, and have a taste of digital travelling!
  • Make friends with people from all around the world
  • Explore the interesting culture of other countries
  • Gain inspiration about overseas living/studying tips
  • Build a Community on Discord with like-minded souls

Why Joining us?

1. Explore the world with Curiosity

Our programme could provide an valuable chance for you to explore the culture, communities and social issues of different countries!

2. Connect with people around the world

Make friends with people from more than 50 countries, contribute to the world together!

3. Spark the lives and achieve your dream

Join us now to turn your passion into action! Let's make our world a better place!

Goodmates App

Build friendship and connect with the world via innovative missions!

Goodmates App is a networking platform developed by VolTra. With more than 5,000 users from different countries, you can build international friendship and explore cultures via different missions!

After downloading the app, you can select the "EQ Express: Online Mission Challenge" to review and try the function of the app! 
(Invitation code: EQexpress)

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