Caring Leadership Challenge

Co-create a better world

FREE Application til 19 Feb (Original Prize: USD 50)
Application Deadline:19 Feb 2023 (Sun)
Our world is facing various cross-broader critical issues that needs our attention and care. These issues influence everyone on the planet, and that' why we need to join hands to these problems.

In this way, we need a critical mass of “care agents” for social good, who could instigate small actions that can persistently be mirrored, adapted, or altered by other individuals in the same or different national and cultural context.It's time to step out of our comfort zone, and be a Caring Leader together!
Make new friends with DIVERSE backgrounds
Gain a Freet trip to Hong Kong to explore the real Asian culture
Sharpen your LEADERSHIP skills
More prizes: Local Tours, USD 20 Gift cards...

About Hong Kong 🇭🇰

Outstanding students in the Stage 2 will have chance to gain a FREE trip to Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a place like no other. Mixed of old and new, East and West and it leaves an impression on everyone! From world-class theme parks to storied architecture; from iconic landmarks to fascinating Chinese temples. It's all in Hong Kong! You can also find a wide range of culinary experiences, glamorous malls, and bustling street markets here! We invite you to join this programme and come to experience Hong Kong from every angle! From stunning skyline and breathtaking landscapes,to authentic local culture and unforgettable foodie encounters!
Hong Kong City LanDscape

Programme Highlight

Online Training Session (13 Feb 2023, Mon)

Our journey begins here! Gain inspiration from our trainer about the essential skills as an international "Caring Leader"!
  • Date:13 Feb 2023(Mon)
  • Time:19:00- 21:00 (HK Time, GMT+8)
  • Venue:Zoom (online)

Caring Challenge (Stage 1)

A set of online missions for you to understand and show your caring of the community needs locally and in other countries.
  • Date:13 Feb 2023 (Mon)  – 20 Feb 2023 (Mon)
  • Time:Anytime
  • Venue:Goodmates App (online)

Prize: Students who gained more than 500 miles in the Stage 1 will gain:
  • USD 20 Coupon of Apple Gift-card/ "Get Your Guide" Local Tours

Caring Leader Salon (20 Feb 2023, Mon)

Interact with international Caring Leaders’ sharing of their experience, and tips of creating positive changes.

  • Date:20 Feb 2023(Mon)
  • Time:19:00- 21:00 (HK Time, GMT+8)
  • Venue:Zoom (online)

Caring Challenge (Stage 2)

It's time to take actions! Team-up with like-minded fellows and co-create a  "Caring Project" that is related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
  • Date:21 Feb 2023 (Tue) – 27 Feb 2023 (Mon)
  • Time:Anytime
  • Venue:Goodmates App (online)

*Remarks: Only the Top 100 (Hong Kong) students and Top 200 (overseas) students in Stage 1 would be invited to join the Stage 2

Caring Leader Passing-out
(27 Feb 2023, Mon)

Time to celebrate your achievement and share your learning experience with others.
  • Date: 27 Feb 2023(Mon)
  • Time:19:00- 21:00 (HK Time, GMT+8)
  • Venue:Zoom (online)

Incentive: Outstanding students in the Stage 2 will have chance to gain:
  • FREE trip to Hong Kong - an International bootcamp in summer 2023
* The accmocation, meals, local transport, cultural programme and volunteer experience during bootcamp in Hong Kong is covered for the winners. And we will also provide some subsidy to cover part of your flight ticket to Hong Kong!

Join us now and co-create a better world

Frequently asked questions

1/   Do I need any qualifications to participate ?

You only need to be:
  • Currently studying in EDUHK/ any University Programme/ Tertiary Institution in your country
  • Able to communicate in English (written and verbal)
  • Able to participate in the events of the programme
  • Equipped with smartphone, laptop or electronic devices that can access the internet

2/  Will this programme be potentially affected by the pandemic ?

The majority of the programme is accessible using online platforms, such as mission challenge, bootcamp and kick-off session. You can connect with people from all around the world no matter where you are!

For the winners who can participate in the overseas international workcamp, we would select those places that is relatively more stable of the pandemic, and guide you along during the preparation process.

3/  Which location can I choose for the International workcamp?

For overseas students outside Hong Kong,  you can gain a FREE journey to Hong Kong in summer 2023! We will organize an international bootcamp in Hong Kong in this summer holiday, where you can meet the friends and fellows from Hong Kong and different countries, explore the city and contribute to the community together!

For the EDUHK students in Hong Kong, you can select an International workcamp among VolTra's destination across the globe. For details and information, please refer to: 

(All of the the accommodations, meals, local transportation, volunteers service and cultural programme is covered during the workcamp period)

4/  How to collaborate with groupmates from different time-zones? 

You can explore an effective communication method among your group.
It could be: A group chat-room in messaging app, mutual-agreed time of Zoom meeting, breakdown of small teams with near-by countries or other feasible ways you could think of.

5/  Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the programme?

Yes, certificate would be provided to all participants who participated in the Stage 2 Mission Challenge. Remember to be active and engaging during the Stage 1 to guarantee a place in the Stage 2.

6/ What happens if I am unavailable to join some of the Mission /event?

The mission challenges allow the freedom for participants to choose their own schedule and process to complete the activities. We understand that you may not be able to join all activities due to hectic schedule or urgent issues.

Therefore, we encourage you to join as much as you could according to your own schedule though you are not required to complete all missions.

7/  Other enquiries about the programme?

If you want to subscribe to latest update about the programme/ have any enquiries, you may email to or  Whatsapp us via the following link: 
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