Become our Impact Partner


Promote your organization
via VolTra's impactful social media platform

VolTra is excel in engaging with youth audience through creative and interactive medium. Take Instagram as an example, we have over 41,000 followers hitherto, an average of 60,000 interaction, and an interaction rate of around 5.9%

As a partner of VolTra, you can spread further the message and vision of your organization.

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Recruit  Talents
to create value for your organization

Recruit talents from VolTra's Alumni pool with over 87,537 certified members as "Impact Fellow" Internship or even Full-time colleague in your organization.

Our alumni are well trained and certified with different practical skills and mindset, from social media creativity to programme operation or even funding application. They could create extra value as a part of your organization! 

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Organize Programme
in an innovative and gamified way

Founded in 2009, VolTra is dedicated to curate journeys that enrich youth's Glocal vision and cultivate their impactful actions. 

We have nurtured more than 2,500 youth from over 30 countries with our programme. We could offer you tailor-made programme with our innovative tools and interactive methodologies.

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For Enquiries, please contact
David Au (2683 5900 /
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